Who We Are

Hirease: A Different Kind of Company

When Hirease was established in 2002, the founders sought to establish a different kind of company for their clients, and to be a different kind of employer for their employees. Hirease launched as a background screening company providing criminal and verifications services to clients nationwide.  The services grew relative to client requests and expanded into the comprehensive accredited background screening offerings today.  Hirease’s solutions cater to our client’s needs – whether it’s one service or a combination of software and service – Hirease always aims to be the better way!

What makes Hirease different?

  • Hirease received accreditation by the Background Screeners Credentialing Committee in 2010. Less than 2% of all background screening firms are accredited. 
  • Hirease’s backend processing system is proprietary for fostering more efficient processing and provides greater flexibility to integrations and analytics.
  • Hirease operations centers are 100% located in the United States.  All client’s domestic background applicant information stays in the United States.
  • Hirease has less than 1% of applicant information disputed.
  • Over 98% of all operational staff have passed their FCRA certification.
  • Hirease has an in-house attorney for compliance management.
  • The Hirease development team is in-house which results in faster integration and system updates.
  • Hirease has a proprietary applicant tracking software to organize and streamline employee onboarding.
  • Hirease has a proprietary performance management software to create greater engagement for vetted employees.
  • Hirease has a live person answering the phone during business hours so you don’t have to wade through phone systems wasting your time and energy!
  • Hirease offers a single sign-on fully integrated platform.
  • Hirease software is HR-XML compliant
  • Our focus is to build relationships with our clients – we are in it for the long term.
  • Our philosophy is to create flexible software and services that can be customized easily to the benefit of client requests and requirements.


Hirease’s strategy for success remains the same as it was in 2002: to hire the best possible service-centric employees who believe in and understand the importance of responsiveness, teamwork, commitment, urgency and integrity. There is a fun atmosphere here at Hirease, but everyone has a natural sense of urgency to meet their clients’ needs.

Hirease exemplifies the traits of being nimble and dynamic in order to stand above the ever-changing global economy. New products and services are researched and implemented continually based upon client interests. “We have an unyielding commitment to excellence, shown by the quality of the relationships we have with clients, partners, vendors and employees.”